Tuesday, 26 April 2016

The V and A Museum

To start our project,before we knew who was filming or writing, we went to the V and A Museum to get an idea of what we were going to do on this project. we didn't know Matt and Sav we just knew that they were in charge of this project. when we arrived as it was a long walk and tube ride we weren't as enthusiastic as we would normally be on a trip. firstly we talked about what games we play in the playground (for example football, pat-ball and champ);we then talked about if they changed and how and if they existed at all.

After, we were split into four groups we were also given slips of toys we had to find in the museum and then remember a fact about it we found  eight of the ten toys on the sheet. we had lunch and then time to explore our group looked at the creepy doll mansions with enameled bath tubs, toilets and sinks. tiny ladies with frilly Victorian dresses and men with suits and top hats they all had  porcelain heads and messy plastic like hair.we then had a few photos taken of us as Mr Safarian was eager to get them on this blog. 

we soon had to say goodbye to them and say hello to the long journey home. we had a great time and if you go there I bet you will love it almost as much as we did. 

Isabella Hill Loureiro   

Monday, 11 April 2016


interviewing elderly people is certainly not the easiest thing on earth though we enjoyed it and asked loads of questions.I will describe the kind of things we asked; firstly it was:
whats your name?
where did you grow up?
what was your favorite game and where did you play it?
and then we asked what games they played in different locations like school, home streets and gardens. we faced a few problems though some people had slow memory or hearing loss in addition to this many interviewers had to repeat questions over and over again and took a long time to answer on the whole they were very kind and loved to share their memories. one of our other difficulties is that sometimes we weren't making eye contact which Matt and Sav did point out.the cameras rolled smoothly and we all had fun the visitors had fun and we made something out of that. Via the huge 12 HOURS of footage!

Isabella Hill Loureiro