Tuesday, 10 May 2016


Our class was asked various questions on the history of play to compare those games to how games are now.Here are some of the things we came up with.

In what ways do you think play has changed?
I think it has changed completely especially as there are more cars and technology is around now. You wouldn't see any pictures of people from that time with an iPad in their hand. would you?
Tyrelle Ellouies Angco

Where did children play compared to now?
Children used to play in bomb sites and in the ruins and now we use parks and areas of greenery to play in.
Richard Boyle 

What equipment did children use differently from now?
We didn't have plastic or rubber balls and people used marbles mainly and coins to keep them busy.
Anne Clarita Chavez 

Do you think people had more freedom to play in the 1950's and 1960's?
Yes because as there were't many cars, streets were quiet and as the war happened a short time before there were lots of bomb sites and ruins which the children could explore.
Lucy Simonnet 

What games did your parents play when they were young?
My Mum, as she grew up in Ethiopia and there was a lot of mud she played marbles. To play she dug a hole in the mud. She had to go from a far distance and try to throw the marble in the hole she had made.
Meron Afewerk

My Dad loved playing Knock Down Ginger.  Knock Down Ginger is when you knock on peoples doors and then hide to see their reaction; he never got caught!
Matthew Cannon

Where did your parents play when they were young?
My dad played in the trees and in the streets of Portsmouth.
Iker Bovill-Galdeano

My mum played mainly on the streets of  Philippines and as it was very hot she always stayed outside.
Eliana Chelsea Rose Manguet 

what did your pearents do?