Monday, 14 March 2016

Pollocks Toy Museum

Our class went to Pollocks Toy Museum. When we saw it we just asked our teacher; is this really it? It looks tiny!  Aren’t all museums in some place obvious so people go there and admire the exhibits and the building? However, it turned out that it definitely wasn’t tiny at all! The rooms went six floors up and it was in a building with creaky brown, almost uneven floorboards, with the walls painted white with smooth red carpets on the stairs. In some rooms, it had embroidered rugs too, it really completed the 1950’s look! It was one of the best trips ever! We saw the original Sooty, Sweep and Soo  their TV show is still going on CITV! We also saw Punch and Judy, probably one of the most successful puppets ever. There were Punch and Judy shows all over beaches from the 1950’s, there are not many beach shows with them now. Though the shows are not completely finished and you might see them today… One of the most popular games for boys were Jack in the boxes, which were invented in 1956. We saw the first ever one! They also played with spinning tops and Scalextrics, which were a particular favorite. Girls tended to play with colossal Victorian houses with mini porcelain dolls dressed in frocks and outfits usually handmade. If they did not have the money, they would make handmade knitted dolls, with cut hair from old wigs, and have wooden heads. The houses were made of cardboard or wooden fruit crates, they also made their own teddy bears (there wasn’t much difference between them and the bought dolls are really creepy anyway)

If you go there, you will love it!

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