Thursday, 24 March 2016

Westminster archives

our class went on a trip to Westminster archives on the 17th march. as we left the school the temperate plummeted down so on our journey we were freezing. when we entered the archives we were relieved  that it was warm, firstly we went upstairs to one of the preserving rooms it had loads of acquiesce books,maps,photographs and documents that went up to 800 years old! we then went to another preserving room and looked at a range of important documents from world war II. the room was crammed as people pay lots of money to put their stuff there in the vain hope that they will be famous for their possessions that are put in the archives. we then went up to the 5th floor that via the stairs is only for staff the general public have to go in the lift which will take them straight up to the 5th floor they are only allowed on the 1st floor with a exception of the cafe. to look at something from the preserving rooms you have to look through a catalog to find what you are looking for then you have to write down the reference and give it to an archivist and they will get the item you are looking for from the preserving rooms. an archivist took out some old photos and gave them to us to find out what year they are from we looked for hidden clues for example the color of the photograph,the hairstyles and the clothes they were wearing. we then discuss why they were from that time and if our assumptions  were correct. we had a great and inspiring day.

ISABELLA Hill loureiro    

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